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Life Often Has A Way Of Giving Us Second Chances

Clothing isn't as perishable as food and it isn't as perishable as you think. Think of clearance as a way of getting the good stuff.... just for less!

Customer Love

  • Chava H., Rochester

    Living out of town it's difficult to find modest clothing for girls. Modest Necessities makes it such a pleasure. They are responsive to texts/emails and makes great appropriate suggestions!

  • Estie M., Woodmere

    An easy, awesome shopping experience! BH we're always successful!

  • Rebecca R., Woodmere

    My nieces looked stunning wearing the stuff from your store. You do an amaaaazing job!

  • Adena L., Lawrence

    Shopping with girls can be challenging at times. Especially teenage girls! But when my daughter says please can we go to Modest Necessities because she is so nice and helpful and would never let me leave her store in something that doesn't look nice on me, you know it's the place to shop!!!

  • Rachel T., Woodmere

    I so appreciate both your taste and your honest input as to what fits properly and looks most flattering. We honestly only shop in your store and it's because I appreciate all your customer service. You always make it such a successful, enjoyable, and plesant experience!

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